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Kritter Cap® Products are an efficient and economical exclusion method to protect the homeowners attic and property. Our products include a proven humane control systems for mice, chipmunks, squirrels, bees & hornets, as well as snakes from getting into the home.

How do these critters get up there? Up through the open corner post of the house.

An open corner post is an open invitation... directly into the attic! Rodents can cause thousands of dollars of damage by chewing on household wiring, nesting in insulation and causing unwanted odors.

Keep these furry pests outside where they belong. Stop the intrusion BEFORE it starts by protecting the home with Kritter Caps®.

If your homeowner has vinyl siding on their home, you need to close the entrance door that mice use. You ask where is the door? Well, the door is at the bottom of the outside corners of their home. The corner piece is called the “corner post” and it is an open runway for mice to go directly into the attic.

Take a small mirror and a flashlight and look up into each corner post of the house. You will see that there are no obstructions all the way up except for maybe a bee, wasp or hornet nest. This is how mice, rodents and insects get into the attic. This is why Kritter Caps® were invented – to close this door.



Stop Mice & Rats

An open corner posts give mice and rodents direct access to the attic. Scratching in the night is an indication that you have mice in the attic. Mice chew on wires causing unsafe wiring. Mice leave lots of droppings and urine which causes odor and ceiling spots. Did you know that mice and rats chew on the wiring because the wire jacket can contain vegetable oils?

Patents on wire jacket manufacturers using vegetable oil.
Patent #1
Patent #2
Patent #3

Stop Bees & Hornets

Insect infestation is a serious concern for many home owners. It can be very destructive and costly to correct. The Kritter Caps® can help prevent a variety of insects, such as bees and wasps from entering the corner post and establishing nest sites in the home. Our corner post inserts will save homeowners money , time and the hassle of fixing other forms of damage repair. They’re so cost effective, HOMEOWNERS CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO PROTECT THEIR HOME!

Stop Chipmunks

Chipmunks nest in attics because it is great shelter and plentiful sources of food. Since they spread around their urine and feces, chipmunks expose house residents to unpleasant smells and various diseases. Chipmunks can also gnaw on wooden beams, insulation, and wires. This can cause structural issues and increase the risk of electrical fire. Stop them from ever entering the attic with the Kritter Cap® .

Stop Snakes

Snakes in the attic are the "SILENT INTRUDER" that many people are unaware of. Snakes will occupy a home for food and shelter as the main reason with food being THE REASON the snakes are there. So with every snake in the attic, there is a rodent problem that will go right along with it. Snakes can't be stopped by many usual pest control solutions. The only thing that can positively stop snakes from going up through the corner post of the house is Kritter Caps®.


Hi, my name is John Stouffer
My product is called the Kritter-Cap®.

Kritter-Cap® is designed to fit inside of the corner post of a vinyl sided home. These corner posts are not sealed and generally they are open to the attic, which can allow mice, bees, wasps, hornets, small squirrels, snakes and other rodents direct access to the attic.

They also make a safe hiding place for gophers and chipmunks, which dogs love to chase and will not hesitate to chew the corner post in an attempt to get that pesky critter.

We are very proud to support US business. Our products, from drawings to end including the molds, etc. are all USA produced. This causes our pricing to be a little on the high side, but the end results are high quality, dependable and time tested products.


Stouffer Technologies, Inc. considered SAFETY as
the #1 priority when designing the Kritter Cap®.
Kritter Cap® is engineered to fit firmly in place and positively stay secure for many years.

1Once installed it's maintenance free!

Steel wool rusts. It deteriorates leaving rusty metal particles which is a hazard to small pets.
Foam seals the corner post, so it can't breathe, causing condensation to accumulate.
Wire mesh can many times be pulled out by squirrels.

2Spring traps can't stop mice from entering the attic.
Spring traps are used to kill the rodent after the intrusion. This leaves a smelly and unsanitary caucus that is left behind to remove.
3OUCH! Fingers become very sore and swollen when caught in a spring stra.
Once you've sprung that trap, whether with your finger or something set it off, the traps have to be re-baited.
4Glue traps trap the rodent live for a slow death.

Glue traps when placed outside are a hazard to small birds.

5Why you should not use poisons to kill the rodents.
They are dangerous to small children and family pets, regardless if the poison is inside or outside the home.
6Electronics devices need energy
Electronics devices sound good until you remember you have to replace the batteries in that device in the attic when the batteries die. If you have a device that runs on 110 power, it's not effective when the power goes out.

Kritter Caps® method of pest exclusion is
the safest and most positive non-violent
method of eliminating mice from ever
getting in the attic.