Good afternoon: it came today. Great product, already got them installed! Thanks again!

- Chris House Owner

Received last night and they worked out perfect. Thank you. Great product!!

- Rocco

John, Received caps today. Simple to install as advertised. Took about 10 minutes. Thanks for your help and product. Should keep the chipmunks out.

- Jay

Thanks John! And thanks for answering your phone for our questions the other day!!! Hoping to keep the critters out this fall and winter!

- Jami G.

Nice product for my new siding

- Michael M

I just completed installation.... Thanks for your help and excellent product.

- Karl Z.

They installed effortlessly..... Your product should be mandatory on all new construction......

- Tommy S

I received them today and already put them in the corners. They worked great!

- Alan M.

Got the Kritter-Caps today and already they are installed. Very nice product.

- Joseph L

They fit great!!

- Ken J.

Good Day Mr. Stouffer, Thank you for the additional Kritter-caps you so kindly sent me. I have all the vinyl corners capped now. Your product, in addition to securing multiple potential entry points, has also been so helpful diagnostically to rule out areas of pest entry. Every few days I “make the rounds” with your very handy mirror to ensure the caps remain in place and have no signs of entry/exit attempts. Every cap remains staunchly in place. Mother Nature and her creatures are tenacious so I thank you for your help and expertise in tackling this challenge. Stay safe and well,

- Linda F.

Hi John, Thanks for the extra critter caps with a wider angle for the bay window. We ended up using one original Kritter cap first and then a center cut critter cap next so there wasn’t any side or center spots open. Hope it works! Thanks again.

- Tammy K

I also appreciate you inventing kritter caps!

- Helen

I think I have it. I’ve installed several so far with no issues. Thanks for your help.

- Ron

The package arrived Friday. Thanks for the awesome service! All the best,

- Kris

I want to let your company know that the Caps are engineered perfectly and was able to adjust them to fit just like you indicated. Also, I had spray foam in there before these caps were installed, and in 2 corners, I believe chipmunks actually breached the foam through. Your Caps are the best invention. Siding companies should be using these when they install the siding. Great service and great product, and I will spread the word to neighbors and friends!

- Anthony

Thank you! Great customer service!!

- Debora

The caps arrived today. The directions were clear and the installation was easy. Thanks for the quick order processing!

- Tom

Perfect 100% Satisfied Thank You.

- Keith

Hi John, Thanks for the reply. My initial interest was a recommendation from a local pest control company that recommended that I cover the openings as potential access to the structure. To date, we have not had any issues or viewed any evidence of access by these corners.

- George

After I got home, I soon learned how to cut the inserts you gave and ended up cutting them all. I already had 8 of the 11 corner posts installed and within 10 minutes had your inserts added. They work well once you figure which cut is required to fit the style of corner post. I am very pleased. Thanks again!

- Lloyd

Hi John, Installed the caps, had no problems. Your instructions are very explicit. They are working great. Thanks again

- Ginger

Your comments were very educational. If there is anything I can do to give you feedback on the product during/after installation, please do not hesitate to ask. I will promote the caps through word of mouth.

- Richard

Hi John,I’m writing with an update to let you know that since putting in the KritterCaps one month ago, we have not had one mouse! All of our traps are still loaded with peanut butter and nothing has been eaten or tripped! This is BIG. We’ve had exterminators totaling several hundred dollars, and still, the mice would come! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We can now finally finish our walk out basement without the fear that we will have extra guests lurking about the place.

- Deb

KitterCaps is the best thing I've seen. Any chance you have or are working on something to block critters from getting under the siding were it meets the foundation? Thank you.

- Diane